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02:59pm 10/02/2005

I made this to promote, because I think we need us some new members or something. lol.

I hope you like it. ♥
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A Question From The Confused 
02:45pm 29/11/2004
mood: curious
So...have you guys pretty much given up on this community or...what?
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04:00pm 15/11/2004


There we go. = )

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03:46pm 15/11/2004
mood: curious
Hmmm...well this community is kind of...dead, but I thought Id ask:

Did anyone hear about this DUI that Michael got?

I dont know much about it, but my friend was telling me about it today.

I'll look for an article...or something.
02:27pm 09/09/2004
  Jenny is hard at work on a format and background for this, and I am going to make me some banners and a lovely icon to advertise! I hope we'll get this up and running soon. It'll be so schmancy.  
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